Last Chance Electronics PC & Laptop Repairs
Do you suspect you have a hardware problem with your computer?  Bring it to us and see if it can be repaired rather than investing in a new computer!

There are many parts in a computer that can come loose or connections can become oxidized over time, creating intermittent problems, or can even bring a computer to its knees completely. We are expert in hunting down the problem and getting it fixed.
Dust Bunny
A major "Dust Bunny" is preventing this computer from functioning properly.
David Cressy of Last Chance Electronics
David is desoldering electronic components.
Last Chance Electronics Computer Repair
Dust preventing air flow, CPU Heat sink
Dirty Fan
Dust in this Power Supply has
caused a major malfunction. 
Computer Repairs by Last Chance Electronics
Sometimes a thourough cleaning can restore a computer to life.
Last Chance Electronics has Parts!
Need a part?  David has handfulls!

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